Flock was created from a life-changing business adventure to New York with 9 female entrepreneurs in November 2014.

Sharing contacts and pooling resources, was a very different way of doing business from the traditional competitive mindset.

On the 2014 trip not everyone knew each other and consequently the experience became much more transformative. Insecurities, competitiveness and worries evaporated, everyone embraced vulnerability and shared their challenges and entrepreneurial stories. What evolved was a shared space of learning, insights and collaborative experiences.

Co-founders of Flock, Emma Sexton and Megan Thomas, returned from the trip to spend time developing and creating Flock Global with a vision to create an alternative marketplace built on collaboration. 

The more you put in, the more you get out.

Our Mission

Flock envisions a world where business is done entirely collaboratively, where giving and taking is equal, where people don’t seek to compete and there is room for all.

Our community of collaborators will share the lessons they’ve learnt and support each other to be bolder and braver on a global scale.

Flock Global launched in June 2015 with fifty female founders and in 2016 we invited men to join us. By the end of 2016 we seek to be gender neutral as a network with the focus on collaboration.


THE FLOCK fibonacci Effect

Flock has created the Flock Fibonacci Effect, a unique method of cultivating collaboration in business. The Flock Fibonacci Effect combines resources and individual strengths to make a greater whole.

‘What you’re doing to make our industry so accessible is incredible and something you should be very proud of. Alongside your own businesses you find time to help others. It was liberating to finally be honest’
— Lucy Hackshaw, Founder of Seen Displays and Flock Member, London UK.