UPDATE - We are taking a break during 2018 but please request to join our Facebook community of entrepreneurs.  

Our events cover the essential topics to help you grow your business, plus create powerful collaboration and networking opportunities.

Events are free to Flock members and £20 for non-members.

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Our 2017 Meet-Ups will be hosted by one of our founding members - Lacey Hawkins - at her co-working space Hunter Collective, a members-only practical workspace for freelance beauty and fashion professionals.

Practical and thought-provoking session. Found myself surrounded by a wonderfully diverse group of inspiring people, all with a shared passion to learn from, support and empower others along their uniquely personal professional journeys. Came away feeling a newfound positivity in my own, a new network of compassionate entrepreneurs and friends.
I was really impressed with the event, by far the most friendly networking event I’ve ever been to, what a great crowd you bring in!
Thanks again to you and the team at Flock for the event on Wednesday night. As my first Flock event (and meetup in London) it was a very enjoyable experience and nice to be part of something with so many welcoming, motivated and supportive people.

All photography provided by Vic Phillips and Micha Schwing